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Photograph James Wheatley

Performing arts have historically been a significant and essential part of the human experience. For 31 years Celebration Arts has been at the forefront of the African-American performing arts experience in this region by making training and performance opportunities in drama, music and dance available and accessible. The quality of its offerings have long been recognized and lauded by patrons of the arts throughout the region and beyond. Celebration Arts also serves as a talent source for other theaters and a model for other organizations developing performance programs.

Now Celebration Arts faces a challenge initiated by an unexpected occurrence. The lease on our home of 23 years was not renewed as the building owner needed to expand his own business. We have vacated the building and have committed to lease a new space, one of the theaters soon to be released by the B Street Theater. This is a monumental step for us, moving from a 2000 square foot building to one of over 6000 square feet. We anticipate taking occupancy in January 2018.

The new location presents a grand and exciting opportunity. It will allow flexibility in staging productions, make expansion of training programs possible, and will seat twice as many patrons. These changes also mean we will grow production and training support capabilities and make the facility accepting and comfortable for students and patrons. Growth costs.

Celebration Arts exists for the benefit and needs of the community. In turn it needs the community to help make the relocation successful. There are two ways to help. First, make your donation to help us reach our $100,000 capitol fund goal. (See the letter below.) Second, help keep the seats filled by committing to regular attendance at Celebration Arts productions. Encourage and bring others to performances.

Remember that nowhere else in the region will you see a season after season of dynamic, thought provoking productions devoted to the African-American experience. Please step with us into the spotlight with your donation and commitment.

Thank you
James Wheatley

Chair Celebrating the Legacy Campaign

Photograph Alana Mathews

Celebration Arts is an important voice in the Sacramento Arts Community and the only regional arts organization dedicated to the African-American and African diaspora experience in theater, dance and music.

Yet the recent dislocation threatens to silence that voice and erase the cultural legacy of Celebration Arts. In response, a few loyal patrons came together and organized this effort because we realize that Celebration Arts is more that an arts organization. It is an institution that provides many with their first live theater experience, an opportunity for an acting debut, or an eye-opening experience into a perspective never imagined.

As one of those loyal patrons and former actress with Celebration Arts, I am honored to serve as chair for the fundraising campaign. I know first-hand the profound impact of the stories brought to life on the Celebration Arts stage and the transformative power of each performance. I know that Sacramento cannot lose this voice.

So I am asking you to join me and the Board of Directors in this effort to raise $100,000.00 for Celebration Art to relocate and remain an enduring institution in our arts community. Your contribution to this fundraising campaign will ensure the legacy of Celebration Arts remains and thrives.

Thank you for your interest and support in Celebrating the Legacy of Celebration Arts!

Alana Mathews

Celebrating the Legacy Fundraising Campaign

Donations to the Celebrating the Legacy Fundraising Campaign

In order to raise funds for relocating to a new facility, on October 31, 2017, Celebration Arts is launching the Celebrating the Legacy Fundraising Campaign. During this campaign we will ask our friends and community partners to support us by making a tax deductible contribution. On the following pages you will find the recommended contribution levels for organizations and individuals. You can contribute on line through the Paypal link provided on this website or by sending a check to our temporary address at 1809 S Street, Suite 101188, Sacramento, CA. 95811-6736. Checks should be made available to Celebration Arts.

The Celebrating the Legacy Fundraising Campaign will culminate with, "An Evening with Celebration Arts Gala" in January 2018 with more information to follow over the next few weeks.

Individual Contribution Support Levels

Please note: Celebration Arts appreciates donations at any level or amount. These amounts are only recommended.

Organization and Corporations Support Levels

Please note: Celebration Arts appreciates donations at any level or amount. These amounts are only recommended.

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